Communication Skills

by admin on August 23, 2013

communication skillsOn a SCUBA dive with my wife I tried to ask if she was OK with hand signals. I received a very confusing response…

Here’s a couple responses from my dive buddies via email:
“It’s a very mysterious gender. We will probably be better served trying to figure out the behavior patterns and habits of lobsters rather than understanding female communication skills.:

“My wife tells me that I do not understand her so why would I know what your wife is saying. My guess is that she saw a lobster crawling or perhaps a sheep crab or an octopus now you know why I do not play Charades.”

“That is the signal to go to In And Out following an early end to this dive. No, My best guess is she is trying to tell you she saw some nice bugs”

After a post dive inquiry about the hand signals, I learned what was being said and it’s none of the above…

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