Is it normal for an engineering student to be bad at writing essays?

by admin on August 20, 2013

Is it normal for engineers in addition to engineering students such as myself to be bad at writing essays regardless of the fact that their reading comprehension is very high, they have excellent oral communication skills and they have excellent spelling?
@caveman, but what if you still struggle regardless of the amount of practice that you get for writing essays?

In these times, with the on-going decades-long degradation of education, no kind of deficiency would surprise me. However, to be fair, technical people have always been stereotyped as being poor writers. Unfortunately, there’s a grain of true there. For example, many instruction manuals are, at best, semi-literate. In fact, historically, engineers have been so poor at writing that, nowadays companies are hiring English or journalism majors to do that kind of thing.

I myself, a retired engineer, as a statistical anomaly (smile), was always considered to be a good writer. I think that the main reason that I become a decent writer was been I was (and am) a voracious reader. One who reads a lot (especially nontechnical literature) gets used to seeing things like correct grammar and spelling and well-written sentences and can over time, unconsciously (I did NOT do any special studying) pick up various tips and techniques of good writing practices.

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